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The pleasure of care-free and hassle-free travelling

Besides a comforting journey and great food there's always something that every traveler wants- no unnecessary lugging of baggage.

Carrymybaggage.com is a baggage transfer service that provides door-to- door, door-to-airport, and airport-to- door collection and delivery for all kinds of baggage items.

Our Philosophy

The Glorious Traveller

Carrymybaggage encourage all our travelers to pack as much as they wish without even giving a second thought to exceeding baggage fee. Carrymybaggage guarantees you a carefree and hassle free journey where you doesn’t need to drag your baggage to the airport struggling to get through customs and long queues. All this work will be done by carrymybaggage thus letting you have an enjoyable journey.

Carrymybaggage can send anything and everything that doesn’t get fit in your already stuffed baggage. Our team helps you get the best of transport option, economical costing and reliable service.

We help you save time, money and of course your energy that gets wasted on unnecessary dragging of baggage.

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The Founder of the Company, Aamir Islam is a first-generation entrepreneur with intense, first-hand experience in export and shipment. With a feverous passion for travelling, Aamir identified the requirements of the market and founded CarryMyBaggage.com to provide a seamless experience of transferring luggage to the destination of choice from almost any part of the world. With Aamir’s ingenious design that merges local insights with accepted global standards, CarryMyBaggage is the first-of-its-kind luggage solutions company that uses time-trusted shipment methods & practices for domestic and international transfers for personal baggage. Aamir has in-depth knowledge and many years of field experience in luggage transfers to his credit.



Faisal Islam being the co- founder of carrymybaggage has played an eminent role in shaping business strategies. He has got extensive experience and knowledge in communication and customer relations. He believes in transparency and constant communication with the clients which sets carrymybaggage a step ahead in providing nothing less than the best. Faisal has a pivotal role in shaping business strategies and consumer policies for the company.

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