Hainan Airlines Co. Ltd. is an airline headquartered in Haikou, Hainan, People’s Republic of China. It is the largest civilian-run and majority state-owned air transport company, making it the fourth-largest airline in terms of fleet size in the People’s Republic of China, and tenth-largest airline in Asia in terms of passengers carried. It operates scheduled domestic and international services on 500 routes from Hainan and nine locations on the mainland, as well as charter services. Its main base is Haikou Meilan International Airport, with hubs at Beijing Capital International Airport and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and several focus cities.

If you are flying with Hainan Airlines and carrying excess baggage that you do not want to leave behind, you can extend your baggage limit by paying a little extra. Here are excess baggage charges that you need to pay to Hainan Airlines

Overweight Baggage Charges Under Piece Concept

  1. For children/infant tickets, the free baggage allowance and charge standards for excess baggage are no different from those of adult tickets.

  2. For a single piece of checked baggage, the total dimensions (length + width + height) may not exceed 203 cm (80 inches). If the weight or dimensions of the piece exceeds this limit, the passenger is advised to unpack and repack it. If the contents cannot be split up, please log into http://www.hnacargo.com/Portal/Default.aspx and contact the Cargo Division of Hainan Airlines.

  3. When both the domestic and international flight segments are operated by Hainan Airlines, these baggage transport regulations shall be applicable to the domestic segment

  4. For currency payment, please refer to the check-in counter requirements at the departure airport.

Payment for Excessive Baggage Using Weight Concept

Applicable Flights:

  • Domestic Flights within Mainland China,

  • In the above-mentioned flights operated by Hainan Airlines, the overweight-baggage charge is 1.5% of Hainan Airlines’ highest published one-way fare in Economy Class depending on the traveling direction.

  • The overweight charges can be paid in RMB, USD, CAD, EUR, or the local currency of the origin country/region, calculated based on the prevailing exchange rate on the departure date.

  • For charter flights, free baggage allowance and excess baggage fees are subject to the actual policy of the chartering agent.

Special Baggage

1. Hainan Airlines Pet Transportation Services Product Description

According to the Notice on Further Regulation and Supervision of Entry Quarantine of Pets (2019 [No.5]) and Quarantine Requirements for Pets Entering the People’s Republic of China issued by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, should you wish to bring your pet into the country or have completed the entry formalities for your pet, please click here to read the regulations carefully and complete the necessary entry procedures. For other specific quarantine requirements, please visit the official website of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China at http://www.customs.gov.cn.

Due to the need to arrange the pet transportation service in advance, and to have more time to prepare for your pet trip, please make an appointment with Hainan Airlines 24 hours before the departure of the flight. You need to carefully read and fill in the “pet transportation agreement” carefully when handling the booking procedures for pet consignment. And take the relevant transportation documents of small animals and make an appointment for a small animal consignment service through the following channels.

Sports Equipment

For flight routes where sports equipment is checked in using the piece concept, the following items must not exceed 62 inches (158 cm) regardless of their actual size (the sum of the three sides of the baggage must not exceed 203 cm).

  1. Sleeping bags for camping
  2. One appropriately packed bicycle (single-seat of non-motorized travel or racing bicycle). Its handlebars must be turned aside, and the foot pedals must be removed.
  3. One standard water-skiing board.
  4. One set of appropriately packed fishing tackle including no more than two fishing rods, one reel, one fishing net, one pair of fishing boots, and a box for fishing tackle.
  5. For sports guns, no more than one rifle box with a maximum of two rifles and 10 pounds (5 kg) of bullets, one shooting mat, one silencer, and one small rifle tool, or two shotguns and two shotguns box, or one pistol box with not more than five pistols and no more than 10 pounds (5 kg) of bullets in it, one silencer, a pistol telescope, and a small pistol tool may be checked.
  6. Any portable instruments not exceeding 39 inches (100 cm) in length.
  7. One set of ski equipment: One pair of skis, two ski poles, and/or one pair of ski boots.
  8. One set of golf equipment (includes 14 clubs, 12 golf balls, and a pair of golf shoes).
  9. One set of windsurfing equipment including mast, boom, and sail (the total size (length + width + height) of each piece of windsurfing equipment should be less than 277 cm or 109 inches and no more than 203 cm or 80 inches for any one side).

Seat-occupying Baggage

Hainan Airlines does not accept cargo as seat-occupying baggage. For diplomatic pouches or other passengers’ baggage that needs to occupy seats, an application should be handed in for the purpose while booking, and the ticket for the baggage can be issued after the application has been approved by the ticket office. After issuing the ticket, the ticket office should report to the Customer Service Center. The Customer Service Center is responsible for notifying the ground service company of the departure airport and the crew on duty for that flight.

The cost of freight from the location of origin to the destination shall be the higher result of the following two calculations: The seat-occupying baggage has to be taken care of by the passengers themselves, and should not exceed the following limits:

  • The weight of baggage in each seat can not exceed 72 kg on domestic flights, and 75 kg for international flights.
  • The cost of freight according to actual weight when calculating excess baggage costs.
  • 75% of the one-way adult fare according to the passenger’s seat class.
  • The volume should not exceed 40 cm * 60 cm * 100 cm.
  • Seat-occupying baggage that exceeds the above limits should be carried as cargo.

Seat-occupying baggage shall be well packed to avoid damage to passengers and crew.

Seat-occupying baggage shall not impede normal and emergency safety exits and the cabin aisle. Seat-occupying baggage shall not impede passengers’ sight of seatbelt signs, no-smoking signs, emergency exit signs, and so on.

In order to ensure flight safety, the seats taken by passengers and their seat-occupying baggage must be specified by Hainan Airlines. Throughout the entire journey, the baggage shall be fixed with a safety belt and tied and fastened securely to prevent the seat-occupying baggage from moving and causing damage.

If transport is handled by a successive carrier, the consent of the relevant successive carrier must be obtained.

Folding Wheelchairs / Electric Wheelchairs

Hainan Airlines allows all types of wheelchairs for personal use (including folding and non-folding manual wheelchairs, electric/battery-powered wheelchairs, and electric luggage carts) to be transported in the cabin. Only wheelchairs that meet the requirements of Hainan Airlines can be transported.

For passengers who rely on a wheelchair for mobility, Hainan Airlines offers them the care service of free shipping of a wheelchair in addition to the free baggage allowance. For passengers who do not have to rely on a wheelchair for mobility, the part in excess of the free luggage allowance shall be charged as excess luggage. Wheelchairs can be checked at the ticket counter or boarding gate but folded wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs are necessary walking assistants for disabled passengers.

Electric wheelchairs must comply with the following conditions in order to be checked:

  1. Batteries must be disconnected. The two poles shall be wrapped in tape to prevent short-circuiting and securely attached to the wheelchair;
  2. A label with the word “UP” shall be attached to both sides of the wheelchair in order to avoid being inverted. During loading and unloading, the wheelchair shall remain upright throughout and be fixed in the cargo compartment to prevent sliding. As there are space limitations and different types of wheelchair models, please contact the airlines’ staff in advance to make proper arrangements.

Other mobility devices: Hainan Airlines deems crutches, canes, fixed braces, and artificial limbs as carry-on items allowed to be carried on board in addition to the standard hand baggage allowance.

Baby Strollers

  • Unless otherwise prescribed by airport authorities, Hainan Airlines allows passengers to go to the boarding gate with a stroller.
  • If the stroller or folded stroller is within the range of 20 cm — 40 cm — 55 cm, passengers can take it into the cabin, and place it in the baggage bin or under the seat in front.
  • If the stroller or folded stroller is larger than 20 cm — 40 cm — 55 cm, you need to check in the stroller at the boarding gate.