Documentations Required

Your baggage requires specific documentation to be completed before sending it to the desired destination.

1. Documents of the origin country.

The number of required documents depends on your status in the origin country (for e.g. citizen of origin country, foreign citizen, Tourist, foreign student etc.)

  1. Photocopies of passport, details of visa page and photos.
  2. Photocopy of travel ticket indicating flight number, date and destination.
  3. Address of origin and address of destination along with contact numbers.

2. Authority letter.

A letter for the Indian customs in which you authorize us to carry out all the custom clearance formalities on your behalf.

3. Packing list.

A complete and descriptive packing list of all the items describing the contents of each bag/box.

4. Departure certificate

This certificate is required in case the baggage need to be sent after the departure of the sender. Airlines will check your departure record and issue a departure certificate. This certificate is submitted to the customs for clearance of the goods.

5. Bill/ invoice of purchased items.

A copy of the bill/invoice of newly purchased goods is required.

6. Custom baggage declaration form.

This is the customs form that must be duly completed and signed by the shipper.

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