Carrymybaggage offers convenient, reliable and cost effective baggage transfer service worldwide.

Handling fee - will be charged at point of destination for all shipments. This differs from airport to airport and from airline to airline. There is no way of knowing, at the point of booking, which airline will best suit your requirements, and it is thus impossible to accurately predict the amount for these charges. The airline handling agent advisor at destination can give you an indication and in all cases these charges are minimal.

Storage - is charged, with immediate effect, once your goods get to their destination. It is therefore imperative that the goods are collected on the day of arrival, to avoid incurring additional storage charges. There is no charge for storage whilst your shipment is with CarryMyBaggage, awaiting shipment.

Customs - if the goods are personal effects, that exceeded your weight allowance, we do not foresee any customs charges. However, many items have customs restrictions or require specific documentation before they can be shipped. You should consult with the CarryMyBaggage advisor for details.

YES - Delivery to the door is available to some destinations but is expensive. Usually you have to go to the airport so why pay more if you are able to clear customs yourself. Additional charges apply for delivery to the door so check with CarryMyBaggage. For delivery to the door we require local customs forms completed, a complete packing list, a copy of passport and copy of student ID if you are a student.

It’s not necessary but in case you wish your baggage to travel along with you on same aircraft then we can make prior arrangements for the same.

Once your baggage is in care of CarryMyBaggage we advise you the Airline your baggage is travelling on, the airwaybill number - an eleven digit number - ( tracking Number), the IATA airline two letter code, the estimated arrival date and the phone number of the airline at the airport of arrival. Once CarryMyBaggage has picked up your baggage please ensure that you ring our office before you leave India as it is very hard to find your baggage if you do not know the above details.Indian security regulations do not allow CarryMyBaggage to give these details before your baggage is in our care.

YES - Once your baggage has arrived at its destination. You are only allowed so many hours free storage on arrival. See our web site to avoid storage charges you must go to the airport immediately.

Duties, sales tax, G.S.T., V.A.T. vary from country to country and usually if you have owned your personal effects for more than 12 months no taxes are payable. You may be asked for receipts to prove ownership and date of purchase

We are happy for you to bring in your baggage to our offices or just come and check us out. Our offices are open from 9am - 0900hours- to 5pm - 1700hours - Monday to Friday (local time).

For the safe and secure movement of your goods we can arrange for your goods to be crated with a laminated honeycomb craft paper package. The cost for your crating requirements can be estimated by caarymybaggage at the time of booking. Crating may alter the volumetric weight, but exact amounts will be confirmed via email before implementing any charges.

We suggest if you cannot lift your baggage then how can our driver lift your baggage and most important of all when you arrive at your destination how do you pickup from the airport of destination. For Health and Safety reasons we suggest that no more than 30 kilograms be packed per item .

YES - We do not need to know or see what is inside. All baggage is subject to x-ray examination and search if necessary. CarryMyBaggage or the International Airline will not open your baggage unless you are present. However, customs in any airport have the right to inspect without you present. CarryMyBaggage security seal all baggage in their offices prior to despatch overseas.

YES - for more than one piece you should number each piece in case customs want to inspect at destination.

For door to door consignments there may be additional charges at destination. Some countries have government charges for quarantine clearance; others have examination and X-ray fees, etc. All duties and taxes are excluded from the quotation you receive from us. Our door to door charges include the pre-payment of destination port/airport unloading, normal customs clearance and delivery charges to your residence overseas. If you send your baggage to port or airport only, you will be responsible for local unloading, and dock/port or airport charges. These will vary according to destination. For more information please contact us. .

You will have to complete a packing list or inventory and provide a copy of the photo page of your passport. Additional documents may be required before your shipment can leave the country. Please see the documentation section on our website or contact us for more information. All relevant documentation must be received before your shipment is ready for transit. .

Despite of all the precautions and safety your baggage and personal effects can be stolen, list or damaged due to unfortunate circumstances. Baggage insurance is important as airlines can only provide limited protection for your baggage.

With insurance of your baggage you get the best protection of your baggage from the time of departure till the time of arrival on the destination.

We recommend baggage insurance to our clients as this protects their baggage against mishaps and unfortunate events.

For enquiry on our insurance policy kindly contact our customer support service. .

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