Redefining International Luggage Shipping Experience

Travelling has never been easy and so is shipping. CarryMyBaggage was introduced with a vision to simplify International shipping of unaccompanied baggage anywhere around the world. Unaccompanied baggage is that extra baggage that exceeds the allowed limit on your ticket and is sent separately. CarryMyBaggage is a great option for students who are studying in other countries, people relocating internationally, group travelers, holidaymakers and whosoever having extra baggage to send anywhere in the world. Sending your baggage through CarryMyBaggage is effortless, safe and reliable.

CarryMyBaggage takes immense pride in presenting itself as a first of its kind shipping company dedicated to serve solution to people with unaccompanied baggage, thus becoming the only online digital portal to make the whole process of sending unaccompanied baggage internationally as simple as it could be. From the point of getting a quote to the point of delivery of baggage, CarryMyBaggage enables its customers to stay updated with just a click of a button. CarryMyBaggage takes up all the complexity of sending your baggage safely while restoring its customer’s trust and confidence with online tracking system to track their baggage. International shipping and global movement of baggage is a complex process involving a lot of efforts and complications. At CarryMyBaggage, the dedicated team of professionals knows every pros and cons of shipping baggage internationally, providing full transport management and even door to door pick up of baggage ensuring safe and careful handling of your precious stuff.

CarryMyBaggage is providing solution to every of that many reasons you have for sending your baggage overseas. Whether you are a student studying abroad, or a person relocating country or someone sending items to friends and family living in other countries, CarryMyBaggage offers affordable baggage shipping solutions worldwide with over 1000 international routes. Sending your baggage ahead of you makes your journey stress free and relaxing. For students in particular, baggage shipping is a great choice as CarryMyBaggage offers super fast transit times and with economical costing.

When you book with CarryMyBaggage for your international baggage shipping, CarryMyBaggage makes sure that you get the best of rates, convenient door to door pickup and delivery services, fast transit times, complete online tracking and dedicated customer support via call or email.

CarryMyBaggage completely understand that it’s very natural to feel concerned and worried about the safety of your baggage, so to give you the satisfaction and peace of mind our team endeavor to provide a seamless international baggage shipping service.

Choosing CarryMyBaggage for your international baggage shipping can save you time, money and energy. CarryMyBaggage International baggage shipping service is much more convenient, reliable and affordable.

For an end to end solution for your international baggage shipping –choose Carrymybaggage.

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